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"The staff was so caring, professional, and reassuring that my daughter would not need medication during the procedure. They stayed with her and coached her, then consulted with the doctor before we left.
Thank you so much

– D. Hutter


MRI and Open MRI

MRI uses two safe and natural forces, a magnetic field and radio waves, to produce vivid
images of internal body parts. Images are interpreted by a radiologist to see if a medical
condition is present. Results are then sent to your doctor who will review them with you.

No special preparation is necessary before your exam. You may eat and drink as you
normally do.

A restroom and individual dressing rooms are available for your privacy.You will be provided with specialized clothing for the exam. All metal objects, including coins and watches will be kept in a locker.

Someone may stay with you during the exam. A comfortable lounge is available for other family members or friends.

The MRI contains a padded bed on which you will lie during the exam. An MRI technologist
will be in continual voice and visual contact with you. Exams normally last 20 to 45 minutes.

The exam consists of a series of 4- to 7-minute scans. You will hear a knocking sound during the scanning periods. You should remain very still during the scanning periods, as any movement will cause poor images.

Music of your choice can be played during the exam. Feel free to bring your own compact disc.

Only a few people are excluded from having an MRI. Please review this list and
contact your doctor if you have:
• A Pacemaker • Cardiac Pumps • A Defibrillator • Aneurysm Clips in the Brain
• Carotid Clip • Metal Fragments in your Eye(s) • Inner Ear Implants

Some MRI scans require the use of gadolineum, a safe contrast media.
This is given intravenously during the exam to highlight certain body parts.
Please consult your doctor if you:

• Are Pregnant or Nursing • Have Asthma • Are Anemic
• Have Ever had an Adverse Reaction to Contrast Media

Open MRI

With a 270-degree view, our open MRI allows patients to see the room – and people – around them, throughout their scans.
611 MRI offers the only Hitachi Oasis Open MRI within 100 miles. We are the first choice for patients who are:
• claustrophobic • larger than average (660 lb weight limit) • elderly or very young • of limited mobility

Combining state-of-the-art imaging with advanced comfort, the bed is wider than usual, allowing patients to stretch out and relax. Most importantly, no matter which part of the body is being scanned, the patient maintains an unobstructed view.

That means a loved one can stay right at the patient's side – in clear sight – throughout the MRI. Plus, this new system conducts the fastest open scans in Central Pennsylvania, minimizing the amount of time spent getting an MRI.

Our experienced technologists are used to helping patients that feel apprehensive. Almost all of our patients say that their MRI exam was much easier than they expected. This is just one of the many reasons patients travel long distances to 611 Open MRI.

High-Resolution MRI

611 Open MRI uses a GE 1.5 High-Field MRI and so do many of America's Best Hospitals. According to US News and World Report, the Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, Massachusetts General, UCLA Medical Center and other top hospitals use the same MRI as at 611 Open MRI.

This scanner is unique in that it has a very large opening that is flared at both ends, and more importantly is only 3' in length, which is half the length of the usual tube type MRI found in most hospitals. With the OPEN Flairs, many patients with claustrophobia are able to be scanned in this very fast and high quality scanner. In addition, the High-Field MRI can accommodate many larger patients weighing up to 350 pounds.