CT: High Quality Images, Low-Dose Radiation

Our multi-sensor CT represents the future of CT technology. The scanning times are very quick, which means shorter exam times, decreased x-ray exposure, and more rapid results!

What is a CT?

Computerized Tomography (CT) combines the use of x-rays with the latest computer technology. The CT scanner creates cross-sectional images by using a series of x-ray beams. A CT offers greater image detail than a traditional x-ray, which means that your doctor gets the best information to make the most accurate diagnosis.

What do I need to know before I have a CT done?

You may wear your own clothing if it contains no metal such as zippers, snaps, etc., near the body part being scanned. A good choice would be comfortable, loose-fitting clothes. If your clothing is unsuitable, a dressing gown will be provided.

Some exams require contrast media to help enhance the images. You will be notified if you require special preparations prior to your exam.

What’s the exam like?

At our facility, a restroom and individual dressing rooms are available for your privacy. All metal objects, including coins, jewelry, credit cards and watches, will be secured in a locker. A comfortable lounge is available for other family members and friends.

The CT scanner contains a padded bed on which you will lie during the exam. Our CT technologist will be in continual voice and visual contact with you. Exams usually last 10-15 minutes. During the exam, you will be required to lie very still and hold your breath for just a few seconds.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns.